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Freaky Landlord

THE phone rang and the elderly Japanese gentleman picked it up. It was a call for the Indian couple staying with him.

"Can I talk to Mr. Sawhney?" asked the voice at the other end.

The Sawhneys had gone sight-seeing so their host proceeded to tell the caller that, "Mr. Sawhney was here," he said, choosing his words carefully, as he knew very little English, "but he has passed away."

"Passed away!" gasped the caller. "How? Can I talk to his wife?"

"Wife too passed away with him," said the Japanese.

"Oh, my God!" exclaimed the man at the other end. "Who's speaking, please?"

The Japanese cast about frantically for the right word to describe his relationship with the couple. They were staying at his house, so he was their...

"I'm their ghost," he said, triumphantly.

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