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The Jackal And Two Male Sheep
Delicious Food!

A jackal one day watched in wonder as two male sheep fought a great battle. The two clashed their heads together. They butted one another with their horns. Both were soon injured and bleeding. As drops of blood fell on the ground, the jackal grew very excited.

"These two will soon kill one another," he said to himself. "Then I will eat them both." As the two male sheep continued to fight, the jackal began to wonder which one he should eat first. "Perhaps if I sample their blood, I will be able to tell," he thought.

The jackal could hardly wait now to taste the blood on the ground. As the two male sheep backed away a short distance from each other, he darted forward. Quickly he began to lick the blood on the ground. All of a sudden, the two sheep charged towards each other again. Before he could realise the danger, the jackal was crushed to death between their horns.

The moral of the story is: Impatience can be fatal.

- M K Venkatesh

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